Monday, June 30, 2008


Inseperable, originally uploaded by Leila Carroll.

By popular demand, a GROUP POSE. Hope you like it. More to come. <3

I think it's worth noting that the couch I used for this photo shoot is only 3 prims. Created by Aminom Marvin of Sculptomancy. This is the Modulution 2-Seat in Licorice. For both the prim conscious and prim addict, it's definitely worth a peek at the sim which offers everything from furniture to landscaping (with season changing trees!) to builds. It's a sculptie paradise full of low prim, very well textured items!

Friday, June 27, 2008

'Til The End

'Til The End, originally uploaded by Leila Carroll.

Another new pose for today. For friends, lovers, sisters, brothers, and my furry friends too! :P

HAIR: *ARGRACE* Beanie - Long Straight - Black
TATTOO: :FORM: Henkei Tattoo 02
BRACELETS: ~*FBG*~ Mahjong Bakelite Mooncake Bracelet Set (L&R) - Tiles

Both of us are wearing outfits from [GearShift]:
MY JACKET: [GearShift] Ronin Hoodie -female-
MY JEANS: [GearShift] Mizra Style - Tainted Love jeans
HIS JACKET: [GearShift] Knight Hoodie MALE (This is available as a FREEBIE at the store if you are a member of the [GearShift] group!)
HIS JEANS: [GearShift] - Rider Kick Jeans - BLOCK SIM

Take Me

Take Me, originally uploaded by Leila Carroll.

I took a little bit of a break! But I'm back and working on new stuff. :) Here's the first new one for today. :D

HAIR: * 0 Style * Ayase *(Dark Chocolate)
BIKINI: *Action Skate & Surf Shop* Womens Surfwear Killer Surf Set White (Tattoo Friendly)
SHOES: *Action Skate & Surf Shop* UNISEX Rockstars Low Tops - FAT PACK
TATTOO: AITUI TATTOO - Sneaky /Upper Body/

What he's wearing:
HAIR: -N- "Dare" - Black Pearl
JEANS: [GearShift] - Rider Punch Jeans - BLOCK SIM
SHOES: UBU PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Fever, originally uploaded by Leila Carroll.

Hiya sexies! It's summer, it's hot outside, love (or lust!) is in the air and I've got a new pose: FEVER. Only available at my MAIN STORE right now. Hope you like it!! <3


New pose. Not for the prudish.

Obsession, originally uploaded by Leila Carroll.